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Beginning of the journey -- About me

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This is the beginning of my journey through the world of programming. I currently have a few more weeks left before I receive my Bachelors degree. As excited as I am, it is also kind of scary. Currently, I am looking for a programming job in Columbus Ohio or surrounding areas. As much as I would love to have some job security, I also wouldn't mind working as a freelancer. My future aside, I remember my first program ever written at the age of 12.

print "Hello, world!"

This code was written in BASIC on my parents computer running Windows 95. I looked at the result of this one line of code and immediately started brainstorming programming ideas. I think, actually, the result of those brainstorms has not stopped in 10 years. I'm now writing code in C++, C, Python, Java, PHP, Python, and others. Although, I'm not by any means the "best" programmer, I still have learned a lot and continue to read and learn more throughout my lifetime and hopefully in the years to come.

Part of the reason I am writing this blog is for discussion and helpful tidbits of information on how to be the best programmer I can be. It is more or less a journey to programming mastery. I believe that most of my education happens outside of school. The things I teach myself, in my humble opinion, are the things more relevant to my life as a programmer.

Currently, I am learning OpenGL, Prolog, and later LISP as I end college. I wrote a few websites in PHP and CSS and long to make a, what I call, "digital secretary". A program that will automatically book and cancel appointments when people contact me via AIM, Facebook, or Google Chat.

I continue to look for a job and very much appreciate comments and discussion.

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