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Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Another Java forum classic: rock, paper, scissors. Or chifoumi, as it is called in France.

An interesting solution involves an enum (which I called Choice below). The only "fancy" thing in the code is checkWinner...
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My Latest GreaseMonkey Script for DIC

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Despite all the amazing work the guys in DIC have done for the upgrade, the site is still a bit flaky. One of the most annoying snags is the fact that blog posts cannot be posted with year 2010, so they all end up down the list of posts. Another one is that code boxes are still tiny.

This GreaseMonkey script fixes these 2 issues. It is still...
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2 Messages of Note

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Had to stick them here, as the capability of the C++ forum to generate piles of crap is unbelievable, and gems like these get lost in the process. Both messages are from Bench who, AFAICT, is probably the most matter-of-fact, no BS expert around here. As said before, I am learning C++ on the side, and his 2 messages taught me more than anything...
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Palindrome with a Stack in C++

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As I'm sick of seeing this question over and over again in the fora, here is a solution. The idea of the stack is that as it is FILO (I'll let you look that one up to explain "your" fantastic piece of work to your teacher when you submit my...
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Pathfinding: Walk on the Bridge (II)

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Another constraint to the bridge exercise was to give the length of the bridge found. I had not looked into this as this has very little interest (it would be more relevant if we actually were looking for the shortest one...), but to be complete, here is the solution with the length. The idea is to keep track of the distance of a point. ...
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Pathfinding: Walk on the Bridge

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diego_pmc posted an interesting exercise involving pathfinding. I am new to this field, so despite being aware that there are some algorithms out there to solve this kind of problems (like A*, Dijkstra, etc.), I thought I would give it a bash myself and see if I can come up with something acceptable. And here it is. Comments to follow.

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Yet Another Polymorphism Example.

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My name's Edwin Nameless.

Well, actually, no, it's not my name. But it's a cool pseudo, really, isn't it.

I live in Ireland. But I am not Irish. English is not even my mother tongue.

And I browse a coding website on a Friday night, when everybody's having fun in the pub.

So there you go, you have it, I am not really...
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