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Django is my future

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I only know the rudiments of python. But I want to diversify the hell out of my PHP-ridden career. I've investigated, listened to friends and colleagues and twiddled with knobs, and have decided to do my next project in python, by way of django.

I want to get away from PHP because I feel it typecasts me as that particular breed of programmer. While I started off doing C/C++, there's not a lot of call for that around these parts nowadays - at least not for an entire job. I can see myself doing 1 in 10 projects in C++ and staying relatively happy.

Python seems good. I like the principles. I have no idea why it's often lumped with perl (like it is on these forums) because they're completely dissimilar. I can make perl work. I can make python work. I made a tcp-listening pop-up alert service in python/tk about a year ago and it whetted my appetite. But I want to get really good at something again that doesn't have the baggage of php. Partly to keep career choices open (any trending language that's not php would do here) and partly because I just find these things fun.

Django seens good. I've read the tutorials, made the demo apps, watched the youtube videos. I like what they've done.

So I've been given a project with a tight deadline. To be finished in 7 weeks. I've been given a second developer who knows next-to-nothing of python but is happy to learn. It's to rewrite an existing site from the ground up. And I'm going to do it in django. The client said, "whatever, it's all tech speak to me".

My reasons for choosing to make the leap on this particular project are:
1) It's a rewrite. Changing languages forces me not to re-use iffy code.
2) It's a rewrite. I know what the site is supposed to do, so there shouldn't be any surprises I overlook in the spec.
3) the client has a dedicated server and I can install whatever I want.
4) if not now, when? I can find trivial reasons for putting it off, such as sticking with the devil you know, forever.

Should I be experimenting like this with a customer's project? Well sure, why not? I feel confident about it. I feel determined. If there's not at least something unfamiliar in any project you do then the job would become exceedingly dull. I've been programming since I was a kid with a zx81 but only professionally for the last couple of years. I don't want to become the person who comes home and can't face his hobby any more.

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29 July 2010 - 04:36 PM
You'd probably also like Ruby on Rails which is a similar style framework. Ruby is also fairly simliar to Python. I agree though, Django is pretty sweet.


30 July 2010 - 01:57 PM

Dark_Nexus, on 29 July 2010 - 10:36 PM, said:

You'd probably also like Ruby on Rails which is a similar style framework. Ruby is also fairly simliar to Python. I agree though, Django is pretty sweet.

So I gather from my extensive internet research:
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