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Django, Centos,

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So I've been developing using Django. Long story short: it rocks.
The client uses 1and1 for their hosting, with a dedicated server, and they're happy for me to replace their PHP-driven site with Python. So I decided to do the install early on. Turns out that 1and1 (who are one of the crappiest hosting providers I've ever used) mean a different thing by "dedicated" to anyone else's definition. The package my client has is no longer listed on their services page and it's actually managed hosting. I was clued into this by noticing that half the shell commands were symlinked to "true". Duh.

Well, I could just install Python locally, right? Wrong. No mod_python. No fast cgi.

Ok, the server is "fully managed", so "manage to upgrade the bastard". Apparently this isn't allowed. So I replaced it with a new *actually dedicated* dedicated server, running Centos 5.

My Django project has a few dependencies, like Python 2.5+, which don't come with Centos. I got a test app running on 2.4 but it blew up as soon as I ran the stuff I actually needed to run. But you can't just upgrade to 2.5, because that... breaks half the operating system. Loads of stuff depends on 2.4 (like yum, for example). So, ok, install 2.6 in a separate path. Spend a day and a half recompiling everything in sight. Some things are available as rpms but only 32-bit. Some things aren't available anymore at all. One obstacle after another.

Eventually, I thought I'd give someone else a go - from scratch - and decided to reimage the server (which is a one-click action from the 1and1 control panel. It gave me the option of choosing my OS. I could choose all the centoses, suse, debian and ubuntu. Awesome. Click ubuntu 8.04, which comes with Python 2.5, wait half an hour, start the configuration process again. This time, instead of taking up my friday night, saturday and half of sunday, it took about 45 minutes.

Conclusion: Centos is a pain in the arse.

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29 July 2010 - 05:37 PM
Django loves you too.
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