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It's good to re-implement sites. Say it with me, "this time, I'll do it right"

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I've been putting off re-writing my girlfriend's website for a while. I made it quite a long time ago, from her Photoshop mockup in PHP. It works, it pulls down RSS feeds from her various blogs and mixes them together. It has no CMS or framework, though, it's all PHP from scratch, and every other month I find some discrepancy in how one of the feeds encodes something compared to the others and I have to dive in and patch it. I've been meaning to make something better.

One reason I haven't is that I wanted to use Django, and the hosting package we both have is a little flaky with it. I can get the old welcome-to-django page up, but that's about the best I can manage. I think the problem is that my package is a legacy one they no longer provide. I can't afford to upgrade to any of their more modern ones though. I want to use Django because despite the fact that I've now been working with it for six months or so I have still only really worked on one site. This is me kicking myself up the backside.

So today, courtesy of someone on LinkedIn, I came across what looks like a real treat of a hosting company. Their free offering is tiny - it's limited to 10Mb disk, 40Mb RAM, 1Gb/mo data, but that's not counting the fact that they have a control panel with every version of Django available, plus PHP and ruby, for that matter. And they give shell access, mysql AND postgres. From what I've seen so far, they look like they know where their collective towels are, and this is the final piece of the plan for what I'm going to be doing over Christmas. Family? Food? Cheer? Humbug. My fingers won't leave the home row.

The host is (note that a lot of their stuff is in French even though you choose "English" from the drop-down) and if it turns out well I'll give them a proper review. Or if not, come to that.

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23 December 2010 - 05:31 AM
Probably, google app engine might interest you. I haven't had time to look into it but it does support python (and Django). If you plan to try it, do write a blog on your experience :)
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