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A New Chapter

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Good Morning DIC,

So, after six years I am about to end my career in the United States Air Force. I have to say, I am excited for the prospect of being a civilian again. While I do not regret my time in the military, it is certainly time for something new. So, what is next? Well, I have been debating between majoring in CS or Physics. I am leaning towards CS, with minors in Physics and Mathematics. I'll be starting school this coming spring, which I cannot wait for. I have knocked out a few programming and intro computer classes already, but I am just very excited to be a full time college student. I am definitely thinking graduate school, though my financial situation will help decide that for me. Anyways, these are the colleges I have applied to as a trasfer student. I'll update this list as I hear back from the colleges, and let you know where I decide to go.

*Update* 11/19/2011
University of New Mexico - Admitted
University of Colorado (Denver) - Admitted
University of Denver - Admitted
Colorado School of Mines - Awaiting decision
University of Washington - Awaiting decision
University at Buffalo - Admitted - ACCEPTED
Stony Brook University - Admitted
Pacific University - Admitted

So there it is, we are moving out to Buffalo NY in a few weeks. The whole ordeal is stressful, but exciting. By the way, if any of you DICs live in Buffalo we'll have to get some coffee and talk code.

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