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Printing is a PITA

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I began playing around with the Java Printing API for my side project over the past couple days, and overall it's pretty straight-forward in terms of sending data to the printer. However, setting up how the page displays was a pain. In order to create documents to print from your Java program, the process is the same as painting on a...
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An Update on My Programming Projects

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So in Discrete Math, we've been assigned the best project to do. Basically, we pick any topic relevant to Discrete Math and explore that topic. I've chosen to explore some Graph Theory algorithms, including Dijkstra's, Prim's and Kruskal's algorithms, and write tutorials on them. So over the next few days, expect some tutorials...
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Discrete Math- Best Class Ever

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There are really some advantages to taking Discrete Math in high school, especially when it's taught well. It's awesome to have the entire year to explore the topics more thoroughly, especially considering that Discrete is a survey course. This year, Discrete Math is my most programming-heavy/computer-science course, at least- as much as I...
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End of the Summer

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I haven't really kept up on my blog this summer, so as the summer is over, I figured I'd get in one last post about everything.

My Internship:...
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Help! I Need A Book- A Guide to Finding Programming Resources

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This is a very common question across the forums, and one that I'd like to address for the askers. Before you post this question on the forums, try to narrow it down so you can get better help and recommendations. Start with the following:
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My First Two Days at My Internship

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Thursday was my first day on the job and my internship, and it has definitely been an interesting experience all the way around, though maybe not a traditional internship or job, as my boss is entirely results-oriented.

My Hours...
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My First Freelancing Job

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In addition to my internship, I have another job programming this summer. Before school let out, one of the assistant principals (AP) at my school approached me about writing a program for him. With the AP in charge of the master schedule retiring, he is taking over this responsibility, and asked me to write a Drag-and-Drop application to do this....
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When Classroom Meets Reality

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As many of you all know, I have been working tirelessly for the past few months on my final exam grade in my Web Design and Development class- my nonprofit website project. The way the teams were broken down is that we had a combination of sophomores in the Project Management class and Juniors in the Web class on each team. The sophomores were...
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Applications of Algorithms on the AP Computer Science Exam

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With the AP Comp Sci exam coming up in 2 days, I'd like to cover two algorithms that show up enough in the multiple choice to warrant some attention. These two algorithms are Binary Search and Bubblesort. Usually, these algorithms don't show up verbatim. Instead, you will see modifications to or applications modeled after these...
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Reviewing for the AP Computer Science A Exam

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So today, I went to my last AP Computer Science review session via the grant. We went over some sample multiple choice for the one session I attended out of four (I also had AP Calculus and AP Statistics today), and Mr. Billington (the speaker from TJ Governor's School in Northern Virginia) passed out a breakdown of the Multiple Choice...

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