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AP Computer Science Review Sessions

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For those of you who don't know, my high school is sponsored by a non-profit organization designed to bolster the number of STEM qualified high school students. It does this by working to increase passing scores of students in AP Math, Science, and English courses. Some of the perks of this grant include Saturday review sessions with AP...
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Best Ways to Ask for and Provide Help on DIC

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The other day in the Java forum, a fairly typical student request with the question in the title and a smiley in the body type thread was opened, but it took a unique turn for the worse. When a couple of the regs gently reiterated the rules to the OP, another member (with only 11 posts!) came in and started flaming them. It then bled out of...
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AP Computer Science Approach

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As of this year, College Board essentially canned the AP Computer Science AB course (Intro to Programming in College + Data Structures), leaving only the AP Computer Science A course, which I am enrolled in this year. While I enjoy having a relatively advanced programming class in high school (again, relative to high school, not college), the AP...
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