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Successful Credit By Exam

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So a couple weeks back, I was ranting about my Data Structures I class. I heard back today that my credit by exam was successful. In order to complete my credit by exam, I had to complete a program and a written test, getting a 70% or greater on both. The program was representative of the major project taking about half of the semester. I had to write a circularly-doubly Linked List, which was boiled down to a glorified Iterator, and use that in a basic Swing image gallery program. I think it took me maybe an hour and a half. I was very happy that the professor in charge of the CBE didn't enforce the same lack-of common sense standards for the class. The fact that he was grading my program, and not WebCat, hit home as well.

I took the written exam portion of the CBE Monday afternoon (the irony is that I skipped data structures to test out of it). It hit hard on Big-O and Trees mainly, but had a couple questions on stacks and queues too. The Tree questions were pretty basic, consisting of a basic overview of a balanced vs. degenerate binary search tree, tree traversals, and identifying leaf nodes. Overall, I found it pretty straight-forward.

The CBE was a very positive experience, and it was very worthwhile in freeing up time. It was very worthwhile.

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14 September 2011 - 01:52 PM
Awesome, glad to hear!

Were you taking more classes than required (such that a dropped class still leaves you at full time status), or do you have an opportunity to take on a new class in place of data struct I?


14 September 2011 - 05:06 PM
Congratulations dude! Good to know your decision paid off. ^^


14 September 2011 - 06:31 PM
Thanks, guys!

@elgose: I'm at 13 credit hours this semester, still full time and all prereqs. All of the other requirements were full, or had other prereqs. Credit-wise, I came in well ahead, and I'm doing credit by exam for Discrete Math at the end of the semester. So still good there, but I decided not to add another class. I'm able to work 5 hours a week instead, so that's good.
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