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My Turn on the Unemployment Line

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So I find myself, as so many others have, on the dole. Well, actually I'm not on the dole yet, but that's a whole other kettle o' fish. Thanks HR!

The company for which I worked appears to have spazzed out and made some sort of snap decision to pretty much kill our group, which has been together for 8+ years. They kept one of the...
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Dynamically allocating and populating an array of ints in C

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Reading a Text File Into an Array of Lines in C

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Another of my once-in-a-while blog posts that could maybe be a tutorial, but instead of writing text for it I comment up the code extensively. This example demonstrates reading a text file of just about any size into an array of lines, which can then be manipulated by the user in any way desired.

It demonstrates the use of fgets, errno/...
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The Burgeoning Business of Academic Dishonesty

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[NOTE: This started out as a post in the Student Forum, but reconsidered the content and posted here instead]

Obviously the tremendous effort so many "students" here at Dream.In.Code expend in order to get random people on the Internet to write their code for them extends far beyond the world of programming and computer science. ...
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Under the covers with scanf

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One of the most frequently asked questions in C (and C++, when using C I/O functions), relates to input requests being skipped when using the scanf function. This entry will attempt to explain why this happens, and perhaps some other things. We'll take as a starting point this recent post. Here's the code, with my fixes commented out.

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Generating letter frequencies from standard input in C

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This is a pretty frequently asked question here, so I thought I'd post some code, see if anyone finds it. It generates counts for upper- and lower-case and uses functions to gather and print the data. This could have gone into the tutorials, but I figure I needed to finally create a blog post.

To use it, either type in the data at the...

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