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Programming in my study field

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It's my second year studying Industrial Management, and I love this major so far. One of the greatest things about this semester is that, I have Operations Research; a field which uses mathematics to optimize problems in the form of mathematical models(the simplified version of real-life problems actually).

So, after a presentation I had for...
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Anarion, The Return?

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After months of working on my music career and also working out for my tennis goals, I decided it's time to get back at programming as well. I already miss programming so much, and I know that I may not be able to spend many hours daily for it, but at least I feel better when I am inside the world of code :)

Talking about music, I have had a...
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A Journey Into Music - First Update

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It's been like 3 days that I am working on my first track ever, and just now I uploaded a demo to soundcloud :) Hope it doesn't hurt anyone's ears!
Chamran Boulevard...
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A Rather Tough Decision

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It's been some time since I found out about computers and tried a couple things, got bored of website designing and started to love C++. However, there is a new desire growing in me day by day...

Not 2 years ago, all of a sudden, I was introduced to a music genre named Trance and rapidly started to dig in different radio shows and albums,...
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CMake, An Extensible Build System

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Makefile enables a programmer to organize a project into different units and join them all together to form one or more binary files. It seems reasonable and also easy to write a makefile by hand for small projects but what would the makefile look like when it comes to large projects? For instance, look at [This Example]...
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Git - A Distributed Version Control System

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For the first time, I decided to try out Git, a distributed version control system; and also, write my first blog post! :D
So I visited Github...

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