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Time Series Data Forecasting

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One of my courses this semester is Production Management and a key part of it is forecasting methods. Given the headaches of doing all those repetitive calculations by hand, I soon got the habit of doing my homework in MS Excel. It's a great software I have to say...
But I thought why not make a customized software for it myself? Which does exactly the needed job, outputs the right information and all that stuff by just giving it the input data and everything else happens automatically.
Well, this is also possible in MS Excel if I could write an add-in or something similar but then again, I'm kinda a do-it-all-yourself man. So, here's what I've done:

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Still not a complete package, right now it only takes care of Moving Average and Double Exponential Smoothing methods. Exponential Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing and Triple Exponential Smoothing, which is used for trend-based data with a seasonal factor, have to be implemented as well.

On top of them all, a graphical user interface should do the magic!

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