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6 weeks of greatness

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Hello everyone,

In case you haven't noticed, I have not been very active for the last 6-7 weeks. It's not because I don't like you all - it's because I am a member of my high school's FIRST Robotics Team (4265). I was asked to take the role of senior programmer and hopefully program this robot.

For those of you who do not...
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What's up this week

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This summer, I had the distinct privilege of writing an Android application for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It is an extremely complicated application that uses several CSV files and complicated equations to calculate radioactivity of various samples that are irradiated at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Lab. This...
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Recently, I've been having to do a lot more work in just plain 'ol Unix at work. No X-server or anything. This literally means that on my Windows system, I have a Unix emulator (cygwin) where I SSH into the server on which I do some work. I recently wrote a Java program on my windows machine, FTP'ed it over and ran it. The problem was...
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Android - Writing a Keyboard Dialog

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Recently, I was given a task that was not very well documented, or the documentation expected and assumed one thing, while in reality, I wanted another. I am writing an Android application for a science application and needed a scientific notation to be easy to input. This means that I need the keyboard by default to show up in numbers mode, but...
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Know Your Datatypes

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Because data is the foundation of computing, it is very important to understand how they work. Some of the most notorious hacks through hacker history have occurred because the programmer made an invalid assumption of the data. Take C's scanf() function. What happens when a user inputs a set of characters that is too large for the buffer?...
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My Experience with Arch

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I was inspired this weekend to make a change. I have an old computer - about 6 years old. It was custom at the time and really nice, but 1GB of RAM and "legacy" graphics drivers just don't work that well. Up until now, I have had Ubuntu and Windows XP dual boot on my system, but recently, it has just been getting slow, and I rarely...
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Java Executables

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One of the most common beginner questions that I hear from Java beginners is "How to make Java executable file". Well, there are several interpretations of this:

How do I make an executable Java program?
How do I make a native...
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Bad XML Parsing on DIC homepage

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Well, there are many problems that I have encountered with parsing the homepage. In a discussion that I had with PsychoCoder and KYA...
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OpenOffice Draw Imitation

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Have you ever wondered how to make a draw interface like the one you see in OpenOffice Draw? Today, I am going to show you not just how to draw with the mouse, but also how to make the panel that you draw on appear in the center of a screen (so that it looks like a sheet of paper). The only thing that I will not show you how to do today is to zoom...
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Prime Factorization (Python)

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Python is the language in which I write the majority of my algorithms, which I then port to whatever other other languages I need to. Today I was given the challenge to find all the prime factors of any given number. At first, I thought it was rather difficult, but after a little bit of thinking, I managed to solve this task.

Though it may not...

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