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Prime Factorization (Python)

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Python is the language in which I write the majority of my algorithms, which I then port to whatever other other languages I need to. Today I was given the challenge to find all the prime factors of any given number. At first, I thought it was rather difficult, but after a little bit of thinking, I managed to solve this task.

Though it may not...
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Only 24 hours in the day - High School Student stress tips.

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Well, as a student, things are really beginning to take a toll. Right now, high-schooler's everywhere are preparing for the ever-looming AP tests and for end-of-course exams. I have a few tips on how to manage it all, but first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a sophomore in high school (yes...I'm young)... and am in all...
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Transparent Swing Components

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Transparent Components in Swing are not normally thought of, which leads to issues when adding components unsuspectingly to a component that already has a background and you don't see...
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paint() vs. paintComponent(): A Resolution

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Well, time to wrap up this "feud" (edit:not a feud, just a stance) that pbl and I have had regarding paint() vs. paintComponent(). I have been a little "childish" about this whole affair, but I have decided to redeem myself. This article is organized to show my old argument, pbl...
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Full Screen Java Applications

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Have you ever wanted to create full-screen games in Java? Well, you're about to find out. Just a note that the code that I will show you today does NOT work in Applets. If you want to make a full-screen application to be accessible on the web, make it a Java Web Start.

Today, we will encounter 3 classes you probably have not used before:
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Font Madness

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So, while programming my most recent game, I encountered several issues which just absolutely drove me insane - I wanted to use a custom font in my game. This is one that is not natively found on any machine, so I had a little predicament. Well, after doing some searching through the API, I stumbled upon the createFont()...
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State Machines

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Often, in games, a single screen needs to do many things, from having a title screen to actually playing the game, to having a game over screen, or a pause screen. Well, unlike all the other games that I have showed you thus far have only had one state: the game state. The Game State, up to this point, has been hardcoded into the host JPanel, but...
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Frame Rate in Java

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Well, as this is my first entry in the Game Programming section, I think I should link my introductory tutorial. http://www.dreaminco...topic143744.htm...

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