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Being a mentor

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Not necessarily the group here, but in general being a mentor is something some people fail to get the point of. It has never been about reputation, prizes, incentives, or anything else heralded as an award, and it never will be. If you're in it for yourself then you'll never truly realize the meaning of life: others.

Life is not to be...
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Giving proper critique

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I've noticed that some people are starting to attempt to write harsher critiques in an effort to make themselves seem more knowledgeable and gain reputation around here but honestly most go about it completely wrong.

You can critique someone into the ground easily, any day of the week, almost anyone can do that, but what makes a good critique...
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A Childlike Wonder

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Do you remember the days when everything was exciting, everything was a new wonder to explore? Do you remember when ideas flowed freely, unrestricted by notions of properness or sanity? As we've grown we've bought into the world saying we need to "grow up" but is that really the best thing?

The older we get the more cynical and...
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You may be an amateur Web Designer if...

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I've seen far far too many people refer to themselves as web design professionals who have no idea of the implications of the term or what it really means to be at a professional level, so for your consideration a list of traits that may very easily be warning signs you need to reconsider your eogotistically inclined notions of design...
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The Million Dollar Project!

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I seem to be seeing a lot of these on assorted forums, in school, and throughout emails of people who think their ideas will completely revolutionize everything making them ridiculously rich. Honestly I have trouble taking any such things seriously.

Why is it people seek to change the world, make such a massive impact? How often does such a thing...
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Web Design and the School

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Web Design and Development are rapidly growing fields in todays society and as such the demand for classes to be taught over the subject rises dramatically. It seems to be a recurring theme, however, that the teachers chosen for the jobs are inadequate, misinformed, or in general completely apathetic.

But wait, if the Web is so important and on...
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The Web Manifesto

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I'm not sure if any of you have seen what I've been up to lately but after reading through a majority of the web programming books I've found I've come to a quite simple solution: Most all of them are completely bland, have no relevance to current subjects, and are best left as paperweights. Any of the books that are decent are so...
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Teach yourself Programming in 10+ Years!

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I happened upon a rather interesting post earlier today that's worth a note:

We see books all over the place that offer miracles such as teach yourself in 24 hours, a few days, or maybe a month, but honestly how realistic is any of that? People are always wanting instant results, a quick fix, something to just...

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