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Teach yourself Programming in 10+ Years!

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I happened upon a rather interesting post earlier today that's worth a note:

We see books all over the place that offer miracles such as teach yourself in 24 hours, a few days, or maybe a month, but honestly how realistic is any of that? People are always wanting instant results, a quick fix, something to just get right to it, but to be honest it never really works that way.

Don't believe me? Take a look at your source code or graphical work from 5 or more years back, or from when you first started. Is it realistic to think that you could have gotten to where you are now with maybe a weeks worth of time?

You may be able to learn some basic syntax and make a cute little hello world or maybe a calculator in that time period but anything practical you can make comes from challenges and experience over a good amount of time. Have you ever seen someone brand new to the coding world wanting to do some grand project and find yourself shaking your head and trying to tell them that they're far too early in to try it?

This can go a number of ways of course, you could easily be a horrible programmer or designer right now with no practical skills and no hope of ever really getting anything done while sitting there drooling over the amazing code produced by some of the more experienced veterans of the programming world. Of course at your current stage such a feat sounds like an amazing thing to try but eventually leads to disappointment and giving up. Too often do newer programmers try something so far over their heads that they just quit out of frustration.

Have patience, with time and practice comes skill. Nothing is instant and nothing is truly that easy that it can be mastered in such a short amount of time in the digital world.

Newer programmers, don't lose faith, keep working, give it a few years and keep on studying, even if just as a hobby, it will come with time.

Veterans, remember that you too were once at that level and a simple push in the right direction may be all that one of the newer programmers needs to get on their feet.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are professionals.

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