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The Million Dollar Project!

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I seem to be seeing a lot of these on assorted forums, in school, and throughout emails of people who think their ideas will completely revolutionize everything making them ridiculously rich. Honestly I have trouble taking any such things seriously.

Why is it people seek to change the world, make such a massive impact? How often does such a thing really happen?

Now I completely understand that it is possible and by all means go ahead and try your magical projects and see what happens, but think with me here, realistically how far is this going to get?

Some programmers have a certain affinity for trying to make the next big thing, and more often than not it's the newer ones with much less experience. Now either this is an extreme coincidence or the more experienced people get it by now. No one has ever reached that level without years of hard work and dedication, it's not an instant-mix success like people would have you believe about technology.

It's no different from any other field, time and effort are required and there's no amount of talent that will allow you to skip those years of experience! Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a true professional.

Projects are meant to get things done that you know you can realistically complete in a decent amount of time, there's no such thing as skipping from Hello World to 100,000$ Database Web Applications jobs.

My advice to all the newbies out there: Have fun with it, don't turn programming into a cash cow, if you don't enjoy it then you'll never reach the levels that are really worth it. Start small, take it easy, step by step, take a few classes and ask around for help. There's no shame in asking for help, everyone at one time was next to clueless in their profession.

There is no shortcut, there is no magic button, there is no one page document leading to wealth and fame. What you achieve is up to you, and the more you're willing to sacrifice to get there the more it will pay off in the end.

Start out small, have fun with it, if you're only in this for the money then you're by far in the wrong industry.

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16 March 2010 - 11:50 AM
I kinda cringe whenever I browse around and see a post from someone who is about to begin learning a language and wants to do it by creating a massive project - not grasping the scope of what they're trying to tackle. And, don't get me wrong - I'm quite the newbie - but aren't those revolutionary projects that do happen from time to time created by a large team? Or is founded from a small group of, as you said, professionals - eventually being further developed by a larger organization?

But I really enjoy it - the only issue of money to me is one day making sure I make a happy living while doing something I like.


16 March 2010 - 11:57 AM
Pretty much. I don't have specifics but more than often experienced open source developers make something and either expand or get bought out then things start to take off.
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