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Giving proper critique

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I've noticed that some people are starting to attempt to write harsher critiques in an effort to make themselves seem more knowledgeable and gain reputation around here but honestly most go about it completely wrong.

You can critique someone into the ground easily, any day of the week, almost anyone can do that, but what makes a good critique is to build someone back up afterwards. I'm not by any means saying sugar coat anything, avoid such methods at any cost.

I avoid being nice and saying good job to everything because it does no good whatsoever, if they want that type of junk they'd ask their parents or neighbors with little to no skill in the subject matter.

People will respect you far more for telling them how it is than saying "Good job! It's so cool and looks professional!" I'm honestly tempted to downrep everyone who posts these replies. They serve no purpose except for working on ones ego which does far more harm than good.

Conversely if you say something like "It sucks, you're such an idiot, you have no skills!" then you have no idea either. Harsh slams with no value are in poor taste, always.

If you're having a hard time go a one for one, like "I like your navigations colors, but the font is hard to read and needs some work." This is an easy way to get started.

Normally I'll review based on sections starting with an overall, then to background, head, ending with source/css and a larger overview.

Remember there's a fine line between being helpful and being a jerk, don't cross it.

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