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Being a mentor

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Not necessarily the group here, but in general being a mentor is something some people fail to get the point of. It has never been about reputation, prizes, incentives, or anything else heralded as an award, and it never will be. If you're in it for yourself then you'll never truly realize the meaning of life: others.

Life is not to be lived for yourself, a one man show and a lone wolf in the wild. You're never alone, you always have others around you, and no matter who you are you can always have someone looking up to you as a mentor. There are honestly a few ways you can deal with someone idolizing you, either you spend it soaking in your own egotistical narcissism or you spend every waking moment attempting to live up to that very standard that you've been held to. I truly hope that you consider the latter a far better option.

Even as a teacher you should always be striving to learn more, do more, and be more. No one is ever done growing, no one ever really knows it all, and when you settle is when you've given up on yourself. People are inspired by those people, a wonderment as to how they can be at such a level of expertise and still profess honest modesty. Honestly those are the people I look up to anymore.

I don't care about the has-been's, I care about those that have the courage to keep moving in what they believe in and what they seek to be. Be a light, a guide to those that were once at the point you were, because I can tell you I would have never made it if not for those ahead of me looking back with an outstretched hand.

Helping another person find themselves in their art is helping yourself find a deeper meaning to what you do. Only when you mentor can you truly appreciate where you're at and be inspired to keep going. Ironic that the mentor is the one inspiring the learner but at the same time, known or not, the mentor is inspired by the learner at times.

I don't do it for fame, I don't do it for accolades, I do it because I love what I do and I love seeing others succeed as much if not more. I hope that at least someone finds meaning in what I say because to even help one person brings true meaning to my life.

Stay hungry/

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