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Microsoft Student Insiders

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Here's the story...

Chris (skyhawk133) called me up Thursday night. Yes, CALLED, on the phone. (I was very surprised.) He left me a voice mail, so I listened to it and he said I should call him because he has an opportunity that I might be interested in. I called him back and he told me about Microsoft Student Insiders (henceforth known as MSI). This is a new program from Microsoft that gets college students to test out Microsoft programs or go to developer conferences, or what have you, and blog about them (and whatever else they want you to blog about). That's pretty much it. It's an unpaid job, except for joining, you instantly get an HD flip camera, and a Netbook (I don't remember the exact one), plus numerous other perks, like [all expenses paid] trips to conferences.

I was very excited.

I was put in touch with a coordinator for this program and we discussed several things, including my presence on DIC, my history in the tech world, my technological interests and things like that. Then she went to check with the other partner about seeing if they could use someone like me. She called me back an hour or so later and said they'd be thrilled to have me. I was feeling very...odd at the moment, because the decision was laid there before me, to take it or leave it. I was no longer excited as much as I was pensive and nervous. She needed to get some basic information for their records and such, and I told her I needed to make some calls and think about it for a while first.

I proceeded to call my dad and have a conversation for over an hour and a half about what this could mean for me and how it might affect me. I was pretty stressed out about this whole thing, because I didn't want to join MSI just to overwork myself with traveling (however often (or not) it may be) alongside my classes. So, I have to say that I wasn't mentally prepared to take on this new commitment. A standard risk-reward situation. If I take it, the reward could be great, but if I do run into stress, things could get worse very quickly. On the other hand, if I pass it up, there's no risk, however, there's no reward.

...I turned it down. Hopefully, this program will take off, because it seems like something that could be very beneficial to the [collegiate] tech community (and others, actually). I will be sure to keep in touch and if the opportunity should ever present itself again, I may be ready.

I would have used this DIC blog as a medium to present my findings on whatever they would have needed me to. Be it conferences, new software, etc.

Any thoughts on the program? Comments?

If you have any questions on the program, SwiftStriker00 has accepted a position. I'm sure he could tell you more. Post your questions here.

Off-topic: Oh yeah, and I found a Valiant Knife and some Magicite. (joke for the title of the blog :))

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