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Live coding environment for learn-able programming.

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I'd like to share this article and site with everyone. It was quite an interesting read especially when you look at the concepts behind the way they go about teaching code. While there are no shortage of interactive coding tutorials online (e.g. code academy) this site focuses on teaching coding by giving the code by using visual content to...
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Google Interview Questions

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I'd like to start off by thanking everyone that gave me advice, links, and reading materials to study up on for my Google interview last week. It went pretty well, even though there were a few technical difficulties. Google docs were not working, so no live coding. But I'm happy to announce that they want to do another interview with me....
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Google Interview

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By the divine powers that be, Google has taken an interest in me. Personally I'm flattered, but also nervous because they liked me enough on my first phone interview that they want to move to technical interviews. I'm no stranger to technical interviews on the phone, but there is no doubt its going to be a challenging interview. He made it...
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Download and Win!

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So as many of you know that Microsoft just announced the Surface...
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Image Cup Day 3 - US Winners Announced

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Early start today as the teams presented one final time to judges in hopes of winning US portion competition in order to ear their way into the world wide competition down in Sydney Australia.

But before the winners were announced there were a few more surprises for the student competitors. First there was a special guest speaker Bill Buxton...
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Imagine Cup Day 2 - Finalists Annouced

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Today started off at the Microsoft Store, a breakfast party for the competitors. They had a chance to try out and buy some of the newest laptops, tablets and games (Kinect Star Wars anyone?) as well as challenge each other to a dance-off.

After that Microsoft Recruiting came to talk to the competitors (see my next post soon) to give them some...
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Microsoft Recruiting Tips

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Microsoft Recruiting had a small presentation on how to get a job, here are some tips and things to consider.

Interview Basics
Keep these factors in mind, they will
  • Date
  • Time
  • Place
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Recruiter Contact

Mind & Body:
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Scheduling

  • Company Culture
  • Weather
  • Comfort
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Day 1 At Imagine Cup - Team Presentations

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The competitor's nerves are high strung this morning as they preparing to present their project to a panel of judges. Due to my inability to be in 2 rooms at once I will only be able to cover 3 of the teams I mentioned yesterday. Continue reading to learn about the team's project and presentations!

A bit of insight before I discuss...
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Day 0 at Imagine Cup

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Hello and Welcome to my 4 day series on Imagine Cup Coverage.

After a long day of flying (and some guy trying to sleep on me) I finally arrived in Redmond last night.

Primarily I will be covering the XNA teams as they go through this stage of the competition. I will be posting various pictures updates on the competition in general and specific...
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Imagine Cup this Weekend & Visual Studio

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So this weekend is the US Finals for Imagine Cup...

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