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2 Apps, 1 Phone

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Welcome back to my blog, and for starters I'm not going to ask what intrigued you to click on the title, cause frankly I'm afraid of what your imagination could yield.

I have gathered you all here to gaze upon yet another opportunity for you to get free stuff from Microsoft. You can't argue with free can you? So here is the contest...
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Windows 8 and VS 2011 Devlopment

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I finally have managed to clear off one of my many harddrives (way too many backups). So now I can finally really get into exploring Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2011 Beta at full speed, instead of working in a VM.

Also, Microsoft is challenging me to see how many downloads I can generate before the end of the month, so now is a great time to...
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Visual Studio and .NET 4.5 Betas; First Thoughts

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For those who haven't taken a look at the new up and coming Visual Studio and .NET framework, feel free to get an overview (along with my thoughts) below!

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Some Tools to get you started making Azure and Windows Phone applications

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Below are a list of a few links to tools to get your applications to new places. If your interested in cloud storage, There is a trial and SDK listed below, windows phone SDK for your mobile solutions, and WebMatrix which is a website IDE that will really help you organize your site, especially when working with server side services like those...
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview was annoucned this morning and is available for download (more here).

Now we all know that Dev Previews have been out much longer, so the question stands: As a developer are you looking forward to integrated your applications in with the Metro-UI, or if you have done so, what are your thoughts?

I haven't been...
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Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems

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Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems

Every year this is the challenge Microsoft puts out to student developers. That challenge is the Imagine Cup...
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Protest SOPA and PIPA

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Dear </>...
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Go Mango! Your Apportunity To Win!

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Hey phone app devs and those who want to be app devs. Want to win free stuff?
All you have to do is publish app to the windows phone marketplace between now and December 31, 2011. And submit your entry to the Go Mango! Apportunity Sweepstakes.

Want more chances to win? Keep submitting apps!

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The Big Moment Arrives

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The 2011 US Imagine Cup Winners are
Software Design:
  • Note-Taker

XNA PC/Xbox:
  • Team Bloom

  • Big Impact Bear

People's Choice
  • Team Bloom
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The Finalists Compete

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Today the finalists compete today, after being announced yesterday. Unfortunately the team I was following did not make it through to the final four. Obviously disappointed by that, they still were happy to make it as far as they did. They also are still enjoying the experience and everything Microsoft has done for them.

So team-less I have...

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