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PDC Keynote - Watch it Here

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8:30 PST, Thursday 10/28/10. Check it out!

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Mobile App Match

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Looks like Microsoft has the right idea for the windows phone, due to come out at the end of the year, and that idea is "we need apps." The success of the smart phone clearly influenced by its app support, so Microsoft wants to get the ball rolling now. A new site Moblie App Match...
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Microsoft Student Insiders are now Online!

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So for those who don't know, skyhawk133...
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Microsoft Tag

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So I am finally going to post something that isnt directly related to what I've done for the Microsoft Student Insider Program, instead on just some cool stuff I've found.

Microsoft Tag (Beta)...
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GDC Day 2

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Sorry for the delay I was trying to get access to the GDC vault, but I'm still working on that. So without further regard here is what I learned on the second Day of GDC.

First Presentation: Suspending Disbelief: Bringing Your Characters to Life with better AI...
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Interview with Microsoft's Jon Williams

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Due to Vimeo's upload limits, this interview fit first, also sorry for the shaky hands if you watch the interview.

Our discussion focused Visual Studio 2010 ( Beta 2 ). Many of the new features include WPF interface, customization of the start page, intellitrace, embedding images & videos into code, Team Foundation Server, and new...

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