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Imagine Cup - Day 1: In the Footsteps of Geek League

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<center> <u><b>Geek League</b></u><br> </center>
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Peoples Choice Closes in just over an hour

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Last chance to get your votes in for the Peoples Choice Award. Still don't know who to pick? Allow me to suggest the NYU team Geek League. Click hereto go vote for them. HURRY you only got an hour.
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Imagine Cup - Day 0

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Last night the teams of this year's Imagine Cup US finals congregated on Microsoft's Campus for the kickoff dinner. The evening started off with a meet and greet where teams had had a chance to meet with each other and other Microsoft representatives.
Moving over to one of Mircrosoft's restaurants on campus. We enjoy a delicious...
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Imagine Cup Finals - This Weekend!

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Well if its any surprise by my last few posts, I am here to announce that the Imagine Cup...
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Peoples' Choice Awards voting now online

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As you may have noticed in my last post about Imagine Cup, you would be fully aware that today is the first day of voting for your favorite Imagine Cup teams. If you still need to read up on all the teams, head over to Microsoft's Tech Student page on Facebook (or click here).

To vote you can either install the facebook app, or text your...
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People's Choice awards - Imagine Cup

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As I mentioned in my previous post,Imagine Cup is well on its way. Also the team from Ithica College won and is moving on. If you recall their game was Embryonic (click hereto play ). However now Microsoft has just announced the People's Choice awards, you can now vote on your favorite finalists. More info can be found on ...
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Imagine Cup @ RIT

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So as the weekend drew to a a close, a sense of accomplishment, and the smell of caffeine was thick in the air. The Game Design labs at Rochester Institute of Technology hosted various teams from RIT...
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Insider's Return to Microsoft

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The Microsoft Student Insider's Kickoff weekend is at the end of the month. For those unfamiliar with the Microsoft Student Insider's program, it is Microsoft's program to gain outreach throughout the web. While there are many different topic areas we tend to focus on Dreamspark, Imagine Cup...
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Student Programmers, get your code on with Microsoft Dreamspark!

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Student Programmers, get your code on with Microsoft Dreamspark!

If there is one thing that Dream.In.Code can do, its inspire programmers to try out new algorithms, techniques, and languages. This is important to hone in your abilities for your entrance to the professional world. What’s also important is familiarizing yourself with the...
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PDC Keynote - Watch it Here

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8:30 PST, Thursday 10/28/10. Check it out!

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