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And so it begins

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By no means am I a blogger type, when blogs first became a big hit, it was people posting about how their cat Mr. Wiggles puked in their shoe, and while it was adorable to watch they decided to tell everyone about it, instead of actually cleaning it. My point simply, I dont care about your personal stuff and therefore avoided the whole technology. This is also goes the same for Twitter, what a wonderful outlet for ppl to easily share with the world every breath they take. The only reason I ever made a Twitter account was I thought I could use it to capture RSS feeds, after that failed 5 people who i didn't even know tried to follow me, the account was deleted 3 days later. While people may still tweet when Mr. Wiggles is sleeping a silly position, the technology does have its uses and can be used for something more. You know, this paragraph is in essence quite hypocritical of me (here I go ranting about personal grievances without any substance), so I guess I'll justify it below.

As you may have read, I've been accepted into the Microsoft Student Insiders Program, this is essentially going to give me the inside scoop on a lot of cool new tools that Microsoft is going to come out with (especially in the .NET category), and I need an outlet to let people know. So what better way than to give DreamInCode the first scoop? Between this blog and a (newly created) twitter feed I will be posting updates about my adventure to Redmond any new technology I learn/hear about. I'll occasionally share some interesting computing things I find as well.

Along with this SkyHawk, the Admins, and I look forward to using this oppurtunity to brings some great exclusive content to the DreamInCode community, and also to bring about some new ways to help it's members grow and learn. As mentioned in SkyHawk's announcement I will gladly take any questions and pass them along to Microsoft. One of the opportunities I will have (at least this week) is to get some one on one interviews with some head developers in many regions of Microsoft. So fare it sounds like I will definitely be talking about Visual Studio, XNA, Windows Mobile, XAML/WPF, and Azure.

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