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Mobile App Match

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Looks like Microsoft has the right idea for the windows phone, due to come out at the end of the year, and that idea is "we need apps." The success of the smart phone clearly influenced by its app support, so Microsoft wants to get the ball rolling now. A new site Moblie App Match is a resource for designers and developers alike. It seams that Microsoft wants to launch with a list of quality apps right away.

Have an idea for a great App?

Think you can program a great app?

Do you want to try your hand at Win Phone development?

This site is going to be a great resource if you say yes to any of those questions. It has a place to post ideas and rate them. For the developers, a place submit applications or get an idea to build. The site has links to developer tools which will integrate with Visual Studio 2010.

The Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta includes the following
  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone Beta
  • Windows Phone Emulator Beta
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone Beta
  • Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone Beta
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0 Beta

I took this list right from download page found here

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