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Imagine Cup - Day 0

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Last night the teams of this year's Imagine Cup US finals congregated on Microsoft's Campus for the kickoff dinner. The evening started off with a meet and greet where teams had had a chance to meet with each other and other Microsoft representatives.
Moving over to one of Mircrosoft's restaurants on campus. We enjoy a delicious Mexican dinner and a keynote presentation from Alex Kipman( twitter: @akipman). Kipman called for all the teams to follow their dreams, code it, and prove the world anything is possible. Amazingly he gave this presentation with a fever of a 102 degrees.

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To conclude the evening, teams chose their preliminary presentation order and then broke off into teams to set up for the next day. This is where I had an opportunity to meet up with the team Geek League, one of the competitors in the XNA PC/Xbox division of the competition. For the duration I will be shadowing the team, trying to convey the experience they are going through.
For those who want to take a further peak into the action you can check out some of the links below:

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