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Imagine Cup - Day 1: In the Footsteps of Geek League

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Geek League

  Enter the nerves. Today was the day that teams had to present their software, games, and apps to the judges to see if they make it to the final four. Each team had to make a 20 minute presentation and had to do 10 minutes of Q&A. Very strict in and out. So they were given an hour in a green room prepping their presentations. If a team wasn’t panicking yet, now was the time. As I followed Geek League, the NYU team in the XNA PC track, I witnessed first hand the stress level.
  They were making final touches on their presentation, trailers, and demo. Even up to the last five minutes they were switching slides in and out. Both their mentor and Microsoft appointed ADE were giving as many last minute tips as they could making sure would do their best.
  Finally the big moment came, escorted upstairs to the judges, time to shine. To their surprise, the judges did their best to help the teams relax and make the environment as enjoyable as possible. The judges introduced themselves and wished them good luck. Then the team went to work. During the presentation they had to cover the Imagine Cup theme, technology behind their game, mechanics, marketing strategies, deployment and future plans.
  Paradox (Geek Leagues submission) is an adventure game for kids, in the center of town there is a well. The well, as explained in the game is a magical well that allows you to see into the future. Currently if no action is taken they future is dark, uninhabitable, and polluted. Its up to the player to learn how to help their local area, and then move on to the world, in order to change the future.  The game, is focused around education for children, supporting initiatives like S.T.E.M.. Mini-games and Easter eggs throughout the game aim at teaching the player basic circuits, nutrition, exercise, money management, time management, order, and organization. As they progress through different levels.

  Afterwards I sat down with Geek League to get their take on how the presentation went. The admitted even after all the preparation they managed to find a bug! luckily they were able to divert attention away from it and proceed on from there. They were extremely nervous yet they were happy with their performance. There were able to easily and effectively answer the questions. Proud with their performance they had to sit back and wait for the judges’ decision.
  So in order to keep the team's minds off the impending judgment they sent everyone to downtown Seattle for a tour of the town. The first stop was at Piken Market a 3 store "street" of vendors, and only one level is above ground. After that we headed over to game works to get in some old fashion arcade gaming and dinner. Resident Evil 2, still as awesome today as it was when I was a kid. From there we got to check out the view from the top of The Space Needle. Finally there was a small concert where we were treated to the music by Land of Pines, a local band.

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10 April 2011 - 04:08 PM
Very interesting post. I wish I could be there myself and meet some real 'geeks' :smartass:


10 April 2011 - 09:50 PM
You can always get a team pysched for next year
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