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The Finalists Compete

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Today the finalists compete today, after being announced yesterday. Unfortunately the team I was following did not make it through to the final four. Obviously disappointed by that, they still were happy to make it as far as they did. They also are still enjoying the experience and everything Microsoft has done for them.

So team-less I have devoted my coverage to the XNA PC/Xbox branch of the competition. I will give a brief overview of each of the presentations and then I'll let you all know later who wins.

First team to present is Xoz Gaming. Their game Strain, is a worldwide RTS game designed around fighting dangerous and deadly diseases. The player must actively raise money and research to develop treatments, vaccines, and cures. They game has a Pandemic 2 feel to the game, except your trying to stop the virus instead of spreading it. At each stage of the development there are mini-games mimicking the strategies of how treatments, vaccines, and treatments go after diseases.

Next up was Team Bloom, presenting their game Spero. Their game is designed to teach kids (grades 3-6) environmental awareness. In this 3D cell shaded adventure game, you must help the locals clean up garbage, plant trees, and conserve energy.

Third up was Plump Pixel. The created Green World. This game is taking on environment as well. As an energy provider you must continually provide energy to your city and watch the pollution levels as well. As the city grows you must build more energy production buildings and upgrading to cleaner and more powerful energy.

Last team to go is Righteous Noodle. Their game Eva Frontier is focused on efficiency of resources management. The goal is to help various villages survive, which is done by sending them resources and upgrading the villages to have farms, hospitals and power production.

Once the judges finish deliberating, and pick a winner I'll make sure to let everyone know. The announcements will be later this afternoon/evening depending on your time zone.

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