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2 Apps, 1 Phone

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Welcome back to my blog, and for starters I'm not going to ask what intrigued you to click on the title, cause frankly I'm afraid of what your imagination could yield.

I have gathered you all here to gaze upon yet another opportunity for you to get free stuff from Microsoft. You can't argue with free can you? So here is the contest below.

Student 2:1 Offer: Students who publish two qualifying apps between March 26th and May 31st, and submit an entry via the offer form are eligible to receive a Windows Phone. Official rules can be found here with quick items to note:
To qualify, each app must:
  • Target Windows Phone 7.5;
  • Be published to Marketplace for the first time during the Publishing Period;
  • Perform as described;
  • Implement Fast App Switching;
  • Not be created using a prebuilt app framework (e.g., AppMakr, FollowMyFeed). MSDN code samples and VS starter kits are eligible app starting points.

Please Note:
Students who have previously received a Windows Phone in one of our promotions for development of new apps in CY2012 are ineligible to receive a device in this promotion -- as determined by a previous delivery address, or a previously winning App Hub ID number or publisher.

So there you have it. Create 2 easy apps, and you could be on your way to a getting a free new phone! When talking with a Microsoft representative, they stressed the fact they wanted to see the Fast App Switching, so I made it bold for everyone.

To help get you started click the banner to get the Windows Phone SDK
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06 April 2012 - 02:46 PM
Sounds like a great deal! I wish I were a student.


07 April 2012 - 11:36 AM
Would do it, except for unfortunate timing coinciding with exams, and more importantly, the Phone prize is US only (although it would still be worthwhile developing an app early on, for the chance of making it to the top of the App Marketplace charts early on)
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