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Imagine Cup this Weekend & Visual Studio

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So this weekend is the US Finals for Imagine Cup. I will be heading out Thursday night. I will most likely be following one of their teams and their journey through the finals. On top of that, I may have a some time to talk to a developer or two (schedule is still pending), if that is the case it will most likely be someone from the Visual Studio Team, or Windows Phone Team. Now I could ask questions that I am interested in, but since I am going for </d.i.c> community, I always like to ask question from everyone. I've pushed to talk to VS Team, since its one of my favorite developer tools.

Don't have any questions? Well then you should try it out and get some questions! If you haven't tried it out, get it here and play around with it. (Note you will need Windows 8 for Visual Studio 2011 ).

Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Visual Studio 2011 Beta

Lastly, if there is anything you want me to report on, or ask the team(s) about during the Imagine Cup, drop a comment below and I will do my best to get them answered.

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