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Day 0 at Imagine Cup

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Hello and Welcome to my 4 day series on Imagine Cup Coverage.

After a long day of flying (and some guy trying to sleep on me) I finally arrived in Redmond last night.

Primarily I will be covering the XNA teams as they go through this stage of the competition. I will be posting various pictures updates on the competition in general and specific teams. I am covering 6 teams, so I will try to get around to interviewing them all. If you have been following Imagine Cup to this point or your just starting, you can check out the finalists for this year here.

I will be following
  • Dr. Fishbowl, Carnegie Mellon University
    By steadily learning to take advantage of their resources, and by taking responsibility for byproducts and waste and finding use of them, players of this game demonstrate the viability of a model of sustainability that doesn’t have to compromise between being responsible and being profitable.
  • Eager Beavers PC, University of Houston
    Project: The team created an educational shooting game featuring a highly intelligent self-powered robot, the “Hydro-bot”, capable of restoring all ocean life destroyed by years of ocean pollution. During the game the player learns about environmental sustainability and the game brings to mind a vision of what the ocean environment will become in the future if we do not act now.
  • Zigers, University of Houston
    Project: The team created an Xbox game that addresses oil spills in the ocean. The player commands ‘Rapid, Ocean Hazard Responders’, a fictional organization that has been charged by the United Nations Environmental Program to clean up major oil spills in the ocean.
  • Team (IC)^2, Ithaca College
    The team has designed a game that addresses the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of improving maternal health. Players keep embryos safe in the womb by eliminating disease and are challenged to plan and run health clinics with the end goal of a safe delivery for mother and child.
  • Digital Infinity, Springbrook High School
    The team designed a game using sustainable energy sources such as rivers and windmills to create electricity for ravaged cities. Players maneuver water wheels and solar panels to provide power to villages in need. This game is predicted to impact people in a way that will entertain and teach them alternate ways to produce electricity that won’t have damaging effects on the environment.
  • Credit/No Credit, University of Washington Bothell
    Project: The team created an educational game aimed at fighting diseases in our community. The game aims to teach younger audiences that we are all vulnerable to easily transferable diseases and focuses in particular on HIV/Aids and Malaria with factoids displayed throughout the game.

If you want to follow the events for Imagine Cup on Twitter, you can follow #ICUS and #ICPeoplesChoice, I will also tweet occasionally as well. You can follow me @SwiftStriker00

The festivities kicked off at the Microsoft museum this even,congratulating the 72 participants that have made it here thus far. In order to help them along the way, all participants received an Acer laptop. Right before dinner, the teams were surprised with another treat, XBox's Major Nelson showed up to give a motivational speech. Which is quite amazing since he cancelled his birthday plans to be at Imagine Cup (His birthday is tomorrow, wish him a happy birthday @MajorNelson). Following dinner, the teams have a short time to prepare their presentations tonight, the next critical step in the competition.

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