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Day 1 At Imagine Cup - Team Presentations

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The competitor's nerves are high strung this morning as they preparing to present their project to a panel of judges. Due to my inability to be in 2 rooms at once I will only be able to cover 3 of the teams I mentioned yesterday. Continue reading to learn about the team's project and presentations!

A bit of insight before I discuss the presentations of each team. There is a strict format that all teams will be following, 10 minutes to setup, 20 minutes of uninterrupted presentation, and 10 mins of Q & A from the judges. A timer will be in the room to cut off the presenters or judges when those times are reached.

Dr. Fishbowl
They designed a game to tackle the issues of reuse, recycling, and sustainablility. In their game "Redux" players must create materials and supplies for a city on a trash covered earth. The only hope is to properly manage resources to grow your production, but to properly manage the trash output as well. Unlike most RTS games where your reasources are just numbers, and you can use them to instantly build things, in Redux must create factories, refineries, and processing plants in order to get their creations. In addition all managed resources manifest on the game field.

Eager Beavers PC
Created a game for Windows entitled "Hydrobot Adventures." This game tackles various oceanic issues such as dumping in the ocean, over-fishing, and destructive fishing techniques. You control a robot that must go around collecting garbage that has been left on the sea floor. Since the robot can carry only so much, you must build facilities to store and process the materials into power-ups. By utilizing research centers, the player can better improve the environment. Interlaced between the action, they cleverly add educational elements into the game. In order complete research players get to see how scientists are already trying to implement the research in real life. Also between some level there are quizzes on oceanic conservation, which doing well will make the next level easier.

Zigers developed a game Xbox called Spillville. They created the game to help educate and fight against oil spills. Inspired by the XPrize competition, they used models inspired by some of the lead designs in their game design. In the game players must use common techniques to fight different spills like skimming, dilution , barriers, and biodegradable agents. Depending on which techniques they use, and how many animals they save the player's popularity and financial resources will fluctuate, adding a challenge to the player. They also integrated many Xbox services such as avatars and Xbox messages to allow players to share their achievements with their friends.


After the presentations all the teams headed out to the space needle area in seattle to do various events as well as enjoy the festivites of Seattle's Next50 (the 50th aniversery of the Worlds Fair). They participated in a live interview steamed for People's Choice and printing team t-shirts. Afterwards they were treated to a tour of downtown Seattle and Lake Union via Duck Tours. After a long day of walking around they came back for dinner at Lucky Strike where they were able to bowl and relax with the other teams.

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