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Imagine Cup Day 2 - Finalists Annouced

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Today started off at the Microsoft Store, a breakfast party for the competitors. They had a chance to try out and buy some of the newest laptops, tablets and games (Kinect Star Wars anyone?) as well as challenge each other to a dance-off.

After that Microsoft Recruiting came to talk to the competitors (see my next post soon) to give them some tips for getting through the interview process. In addition to that there were also some sessions on how to develop for Windows 8 and mobile development.

But that was just killing time until the announcements for the finalists for Imagine Cup. And here they are:
Game Design Xbox
  • Zigers
  • Dr. Fishbowl
  • Digital Infinity
  • Credit/No Credit

Game Design Phone
  • Drexel Dragons
  • Wasabi Ninjas
  • Panther Games Team Alpha
  • Pigmaster

Software Design
  • Physically Kinected
  • The Miracle Workers
  • FlashFood
  • KinectMath

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