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Image Cup Day 3 - US Winners Announced

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Early start today as the teams presented one final time to judges in hopes of winning US portion competition in order to ear their way into the world wide competition down in Sydney Australia.

But before the winners were announced there were a few more surprises for the student competitors. First there was a special guest speaker Bill Buxton (@wasbuxton), an ingenious man when it comes to design, to speak about possibilities of the future. Second all the competitors received a new Nokia Lumuia 800 phone. Next Bob Kelly, corporate VP and Windows Azure Marketing of Microsoft spoke next. He announced a new award.

The Azure Award, a team that utilizes the cloud (Azure) into their new technologies. Congrats to team LegenDairy for winning that award.

Then finally the winners were announced

Game Design Xbox
  • Dr. Fishbowl

Game Design Phone
  • Drexel Dragons

Software Design
  • FlashFood

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