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Udacity :: CS 262 - Programming Languages: A Web Browser

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I have recently found Udacity an online "university"-like site offering some online courses. I found the site via the Peter Norvig's...
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Fun with Boost::proto

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So I am working on a theoretical blog post on expressions based upon some of the little nuances that I have learned over the last week. Some neat stuff. In my research I came upon a neat little series of articles called "Expressive C++" by Eric Niebler...
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FLTK 1.3.0 in VS2010: Setup

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These instructions are for setting up FLTK v1.3.0 in VS2010.

I am using VS2010 Express SP1.

Warning: FLTK's interaction with VS seems to change pretty quickly between versions so if you are using a different version of FLTK I would imagine that the instructions will be slightly different.

Step 1: Download FLTK v1.3.0. ...
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Commodore 64 is BACK!

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Commodore USA has released a modern replica of the classic Commodore 64 with state of the art internals!

Image reduced in size

It is being shipped with Ubuntu but is compatible with Windows if you choose. Its just a modern PC in a C64 shell. Although the plan seems to be to also provide a classic C64 emulator (although it seems that it is not done yet as...
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CHDK: Programming Photography II

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<p>This is a little test of time lapse photography using CHDK to take the pictures and ffmpeg to put together the video.</p>
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="225" data=""...
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Beginner Series: Finite State Machine

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Lets take a common little riddle and encode it into a little game.

The Fox, then Chicken, and Grain...
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CHDK: Programming Photography

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It is easy to get frustrated with affordable point-and-shoot cameras that lack manual controls. It can get even more frustrating when one has to hack together electronics and web-cams to do things like time-lapse photography. I have found a inexpensive way to combine my love of programming with my photographic hobby.

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Beginner Series: Lookup Table

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Lookup Tables

a very common pattern in programming is converting a number into some enumerated string. Like converting 1 into January, 2 into February etc. -- these kinds of problems are often done with switch statements like so:

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ios_base::xalloc and iostream

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Over the years I have written a few stream manipulators and one thing that has kind of confounded me is a way to save persistent information for each stream. Well today I found a way.

Lets take a really simple example. You would like to add line numbers your output lines. Simple enough to do with a static variable and a manipulator:

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Mandelbrot Song (Jonathan Coulton)

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Benoit Mandelbrot passed away on October 14th of 2010. Somehow I had missed the news of his passing. Today I was attracted to an article on Big Think because "Mandelbrot" was in the title. The first line stopped me cold.

Although I was introduced to fractals by James Gleick's "...

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