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Vi Hart and the teaching of Mathematics

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For those of you who are not "in the know" there are a set of Mathematical Doodling videos circulating Facebook and blogs (thus) by a self proclaimed Recreational Mathematician Vi Hart.

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Christmas Book Drive goes *Viral*

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Do you know those Christmas Hyundai Commercials -- well the band from the commercials (pomplamoose) made their new Christmas album available for free to anyone who donated a book to the Richmond Book Drive which has an Amazon Wish List...
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C++ Coding Challenge #1

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Problem: Write a program that will find the largest element of an arbitrary array without using any conditional structures: banned { if/if-else/switch/for/while/do/?:-operator }

bonus: Display the array sorted from smallest to largest with the same conditions.

i.e. write the function max in this little program:

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Cats and Novelty

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Every holiday we buy our cats some special food in hopes that it will be a "treat" for them. And every holiday they turn their noses up at our pitiful attempts to please our masters. Cats don't really care for novelty in food. That is not to say that they don't like variety -- my cats will throw a cellblock riot if I don't...
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Dynamically loading jQuery in Firebug

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Firebug's $$(selector) object is very useful in debugging. However sometimes it is nice to have the power of jQuery over firebug's default tools. For example today I wanted to do a little automation to click some elements in a page (I was tired of clicking each one manually). Or perhaps you want to refactor some HTML...
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Baby Names

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As none of you probably know I am going to be a father.

One our responsibilities is to name the child (paperwork). Going into this I was unaware of the complexities of naming a child. Ultimately coding conventions must be followed!

The "Rules" (as they have been explained to me):

#1 Kids are cruel -- ...
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Thinking outside the box: NOT!

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So here I was faced with a problem. A file on my laptop that needed to be on the computer next to me.

My plan had been to purchase a little jump drive to transfer the files. Easy.

However, due to unfamiliar surroundings and a tendency to procrastinate I didn't have the jump drive when I needed it.

Options (that came to mind):
  • ...
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Using jQuery and Firebug to refactor HTML

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Recently I had to refactor some HTML to format a list of DIVs. My first attempt was just to use jQuery to dynamically build the structure. This was "OK" but really the customer wanted the page to be static and was not comfortable with relieing upon jQuery to format the page (after all there are still browsers that don't support...
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Engineers Rant

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One often hears engineering students dismiss some subject with a statement such as, "I don't care about X, I'm an engineer."

X is normally the theory behind something. As a mathematics student I was often slightly offended at their dismissal of mathematics, as a CS student I often wondered what they planned on engineering where...
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Maintenance Legacy

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I have been helping a colleague with re-purposing some components from a project I did a while back and I have been struck by how difficult it is to bring someone up to speed on old code. When I wrote the code I did all kinds of documentation. I had an automated build with all of the build variables nicely setup to built the project for just about...

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