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Boost::Spirit Parser

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So someone was asking about how to parse ini files ( here ) which led me to find this Boost::Spirit ini parser which made me interested in learning about Boost::Spirit...
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C++ Template Metaprogramming

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Template Metaprogramming

"Beware of the Turing tar-pit in which everything is possible but nothing of interest is easy." --Alan Perlis...
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Arduino Microcontroller == Awsomeness

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A week or so ago (in this thread)Munawwar introduced me to Arduino. Arduino is an open source hardware and software microcontroller development platform -- and it is simply fantastic.

Now I have had microcontrollers before and found them too intimidating to really be much fun for me. I don't think there is really much difference between...
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Advice For Programmers (2010)

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Advice For Programmers (2010)

[inspired by this thread...
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Macros & Operators

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Macros & Operators...
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Developer Innumeracy: The Exabytes are comming!

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Programmers have to deal with some pretty big numbers. I recently worked on a project that will have to process petabytes of data in a reasonable amount of time. A petabyte is on the magnitude of 1015...
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Technique vs Theory

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Technique vs Theory: An Introspection

Coming from a Mathematics background I have always prided myself on a keen interest in "theory". Generally speaking if you understand the theory then the techniques are pretty easy to pick up.

However in recent years I think I have done a flip-flop! I was recently interested in using Markov...
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A Brave New Game

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A Brave New World Game

I don't know if this was posted previously or not but I think this was an interesting talk by Jesse Schell about the future... a place that I really really really don't want to live.

DICE 2010: "Design Outside the Box" Presentation

I HATE this idea of a game oriented society. Heck I already hate...
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Improving Monkey Productivity using Markov Chains

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Monkeys Producing Shakespeare
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Artistic Vision

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People have always categorized me, given my interests in mathematics and programing, as "Left Brained". Often this is in contrast to their own right-brain artistic tendencies. Generally I don't mind but recently my analytical minds has been questioning this label.

I like to sketch -- doodle really -- and from time to time I really...

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