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The Nine to Five Vampire

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I work a 9-to-5 that is not particularly challenging or in recent months even very interesting. I should have plenty of time to work on one of the hundreds of side projects I have had over the years. But, it just is not happening.

First of all there is the time. Time is relative. The hours from 9am to 5pm click by one second at a time for what...
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X-Macros in C: Abstracting Datafiles

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Using X-Macros in C
case study: Abstracting data file usage...
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Overflowing Cup

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By this point the story of the Zen master and the eager pupil having a dysfunctional tea ceremony has become quite cliché. However, I have been thinking about it a good deal recently.

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C++ Hello World The OOP Way

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I was browsing though some old computer books when I ran across, "C++ In Action: Industrial-Strength Programming Techniques" by Bartosz Milewski and I was intrigued at the approach taken. The classic "Hello World" example was given roughly as:
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Why Should I Learn RegEx?

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Coding with RegEx Enabled Editors

Many programmers H A T E regular expressions. Regular Exp...
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Template Linked List

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I just released my Linked List Template Class with Iterators to the world via (a wiki-based snippet site). Another project that I kind of lost interest in when the topics in the forum moved on -- So I posted it on Refactory in hopes that others will help contribute to it and perhaps help me get some decent test cases for it.

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Programmers Notepad Quotes

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The following is a snippet of code in python for programmer's notepad:

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The new Blog

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This is new for me. I have never blogged before. I am a pedantic person so I think that blogging is a good outlet. I can rant to my hearts content, and nobody has to read it. Then again, isn't it an adoring public that we all yearn for? Well we will see how this works. If nothing else it will allow me a place to put code.

I hope I find...

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