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Artistic Vision

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People have always categorized me, given my interests in mathematics and programing, as "Left Brained". Often this is in contrast to their own right-brain artistic tendencies. Generally I don't mind but recently my analytical minds has been questioning this label.

I like to sketch -- doodle really -- and from time to time I really take a stab at enhancing my skill with some sketching how-to books. After a week or so of working with exercises out of the books my perception of the world begins to change. I begin to view everything in terms of lines and value. I find my mind breaking things down and my eyes tracing the line and noting changes in value. Basically I begin to see everything as though I am trying to work out a sketch of it.

Since the 52WoC Graphic Challenge where I got a solid introduction to using InkScape I have been seeing the world in terms of layered shapes and gradients. Basically my mind is trying to see the world in vector graphics.

Now I was going to make an argument that perhaps I have been misdiagnosed and I am actually right-brained man living in a left-brain box. After all it was actually visual imagery -- 3D surface graphs and fractal geometry -- that really got me interested in mathematics in the first place. If it were not for a fascination with mathematical imagery I may not have stuck around with programming for so long.

So, I have reconsidered. I am not a misdiagnosed right-brain-artistic type, I am an analytical left-brain with an interest in imagery. When my mind is breaking down the world into line, value, and vector-drawing-like-features it is obvious to me that it is studying. It is analytically trying to work out how to break things down so that I can recreate them.

So left-brain, right-brain, no-brain -- I too feel a need to create, to express myself to world, to make a mark on paper, a pixel on the screen that will be seen by others. I strive for art.

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21 April 2010 - 09:08 AM
Ah.. the sweet joys of maturity. A few years ago I found myself desiring to do *something* with my brain after an exhausting day of work writing code, datafixing crap, and fielding user issues. So I picked up a pencil and spiral notebook and started drawing... and drawing.. and reading about concept art and design.. and drawing some more.

I find that while I "create" something every day with new and innovative code and database structures I get a new joy out of creating something other people can enjoy (god knows no one cares about "motherboards and shit" as one of my buddy's eloquently put it).

So a fist full of pencils... two sketch books.. a few boxes of prismacolor markers... a wacom tablet (too small of a size now).. and a smattering of other items later I am happily chugging away drawing and loving it.

I would suggest checking out this site... I have been lurking and reading it for the last few years and participate now and then. They are good people... On a more humorous side I was tracking a thread there about the arts guys wanting to make a mmorpg... I snickered that they were all about the designs and levels and had little faith or drive for the code.. while our people here have some code but hate the art and writing... Ultimately no one, on either site, gets too far outside of the 'flash pan' phase since the code is pretty gruesome.

I can say it's been... amusing. Sneaky artist at work and what not. I think I might move into super-sculpty clay and resin casting.

Check this article as well:
Art of Manliness: Modern Maturity Create more Consume Less


21 April 2010 - 03:02 PM
I don't really buy that concept of leftbrained, rigth-brained. Even if it's true, who cares? We should all try to keep and open mind to both analytical and expressional activities. As for me, my biggest passion in life is writing music. It's something I do totally out of emotions. Secondly, I really enjoy brain puzzles and learning, like programming, chess and so on. I would feel a part of me was missing if I didn't have some of both. So, wich side would I be? Don't care really.
I somethime feel like we are thaught from such a young age how we cannot do this, gotta have taelen to do that and so forth. Ok, I could write a whole aticle about my thought on this topic, but probably best if I don't. Not here anyway;)
It's a very interesting question, though.


21 April 2010 - 08:32 PM
@Petsarve - I tend to agree that people like to make labels, and sometimes people define themselves (and are encouraged to define themselves) by such labels. However, it is my experience that no one really "fits" the label unless they are really trying to.

On the other hand -- there is an urge to call classification, "stereotyping" with heavy negative connotation as a poor way to acquire information. However classification CAN actually be a wonderful way to acquire information - one just has to keep in mind that seldom do you get the nice axiomatic, crystalline classification systems one finds in mathematics. Classification is a little messy but it can teach you something about subjects in general.

Personally, I think adopting "negative" labels is pretty dumb, but if you find that some label seems to fit you (and what your ego would like to be) -- why not explore it and ware it as a badge? I dunno. I don't mind being called left-brained... so long as I can surprise people with other more creative sides of my personality.
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