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Christmas Book Drive goes *Viral*

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Do you know those Christmas Hyundai Commercials -- well the band from the commercials (pomplamoose) made their new Christmas album available for free to anyone who donated a book to the Richmond Book Drive which has an Amazon Wish List.

Now I did this and downloaded my copy of the songs (awesome) but when I did it there was only a couple of hundred books given and the wish list was much more modest. Now over 6,000 books have been donated so far!

Online Plea Brings Wealth Of Books To East Bay School

I think this was a wonderful idea and it seems that it is far more successful than they ever would have expected! Now I participated because I like Pomplamoose's sound, and donating the book was cheaper than a CD usually is, and I like donating books... It was a perfect storm of self interest, financial sense, and charity. I don't really Love the students of Richmond school district but I do love the idea of students being inspired. I think this is neat because not only do the students get the books, but they get to see the power of numbers. Only a small percentage of the people surfing the web well find their way to the Richmond Book Drive and donate books yet a small percentage can be HUGE. There are tons of teachable moments in this whole situation.

I sure hope some people donate some programming books too. :)

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15 December 2010 - 10:31 AM
<3 This is so wonderful! I love charities and volunteering! I go to veteran's benefits and people who have cancer's benefits all the time. Not only does the fish and chips taste amazing, and the gambling's always fun, but I know it's for a good cause. <3 Plus there's a hot Marine that always goes. >=3
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