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AC Adapter Plugged In, Not Charging

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Gah! :blink:

I hate...
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%hs is missing from Windows 7, & it was my idea

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A customer brings in a computer for a simple, simple request. He purchased Norton Internet Security 2012, it didn't install correctly, & he would like it removed. After taking the customers information, logging it into the system, & creating a ticket, I connect his machine & fire it up. It immediately throws a BSOD, again in safe...
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Car goes beep-beep & runs over laptop

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This friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in buying his 'not-so-gently' used laptop.

He ran it over with his car.

Sure, I'm game. Lets have a look, if it still boots then I am all in for $30 or whatever. This thing was jacked the 'ef up. The screen was shot to shit, but it did boot to the Windows desktop. ...
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Unable to query host name. ipconfig hates me.

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Along my adventures of cleaning up virus infected machines, I often times run into an issue that makes the customer very very angry with me. The issue being that I said the turnaround time is usually...
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Damaged Laptops

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Seriously... what are you kids doing to these laptops?

I've seen it all, but the worst yet has to be one of my 1st laptop repairs. The top half was severed from the bottom half. Everything was damaged, the hinges, the cables.. It's like the convertible of laptops!

Broken keys, cracked lcds, water damage, smoke damage. & I...
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What cigarette smoke can do to a pc.

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