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Damaged Laptops

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Seriously... what are you kids doing to these laptops?

I've seen it all, but the worst yet has to be one of my 1st laptop repairs. The top half was severed from the bottom half. Everything was damaged, the hinges, the cables.. It's like the convertible of laptops!

Broken keys, cracked lcds, water damage, smoke damage. & I never get a straight answer. They either won't fess up until after I show the detective work & then "well, yeah, I may have dropped it, I may have spilled water on it... heh. The only time they are up front about it is if fido did it, which I'm not even sure if I believe that.

Taking proper care of the laptop shouldn't be that hard. I spent $1400 on my 1st laptop, & it lasted me 10+ years! I sold to a good friend & he still uses it today.

These are really, the only tips that I can offer :

1.) Don't leave it plugged in all the time. This will put less strain on your batter, as well as you aren't as keen to yank it off the table when your foot wraps in the chord.
2.) Don't have food or drink near your laptop... ever!
3.) If company is coming over, put it away. Don't leave it out for kids or fido to find.
4.) Get a carrying case designed for laptops. Don't just chuck it into your back seat.
5.) Lastly... just use some common sense & respect it's defalcate, frail nature!

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17 February 2011 - 07:53 PM
Haha I love this post. Being a laptop repairman you must see a lot of this, it sounds gruesome. I take good care of my laptop, giving it a screen-wipe on occasion. It's my only computer so I need to take care of it, if this thing goes I'm screwed.
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