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AC Adapter Plugged In, Not Charging

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Gah! :blink:

I hate this error on laptops, because it can be so many items. The AC adapter, the battery, the dc jack, Vista or Windows 7, or even the bios.

Customer brings in a Dell XPS M1530 because of the previously mentioned error, AC Adapter Plugged In, Not Charging. For those of you that don't have to deal with Dell AC Adapters, I envy you. It is a known, documented fact that Dell attempts to thwart third party hard ware developers by using an IC in their AC Adapter. If the hardware on the laptop doesn't detect the IC, it doesn't charge the battery.

It's also a known issue that both Vista & Windows 7 will put their hand in the proverbial ICPM cookie jar.

At any rate, lets speed forward to my many hours of research & just share the good news. Dell released a BIOS upgrade for their XPS line. In this situation the M1530. The very very very bad bios update is version 12 (or 1530_A12). This update actually causes the error of not recognizing the power adapter. After finding out this information I found the bios upgrade exe on the customers desktop. So I downloaded a roll-back update to version 09 (or 1530_A09) from Dell.

One problem. Simply running the exe gave me an error message that in order to perform the bios update, I must have 10% or more on the battery.

This battery is stone dead. Zero percent. I'm talking pull the plug out & instant good night.

This is where the repair gets real interesting, real fast. There is a tool from HP called The HP usb disk storage format tool. Using this tool we can create a bootable Zip Disk to boot Windows 98.

:s Wait, what, Windows 98?

:sleepy: Yes, Windows 98.

These files are located here for download.

Once everything is downloaded, run the hp zip, it'll create a directory off C:\ called DriveKey. In there are 2 exe files. You'll run HPUSBFW.exe for the Windows GUI version. Once it's running, plug in your USB drive & it should auto-find it. Select Fat32 for the file system, & then point the dos files option to where you unzip the previously mentioned Windows 98 files. Copy the bios update over the usb drive & it should be the only file listed. Reboot from the USB, & run the bios update with the /forceit option. It will tell you that going backwords is a bad thing, you must hit 'Y' to continue. Then it was done.

Full instructions available here : http://www.bay-wolf....usbmemstick.htm

Hopefully this helps you! If not, then it's one of the other options, verify the voltage coming from the AC Adapter brick, or repair the DC Jack.

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