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Updated Reputation Thresholds

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Based on changes in activity, we have re-evaluated the reputation thresholds. The major changes to note are the following:
-The Ruby and ColdFusion forums have a threshold of +10 rep for the month.
-Java and C/C++ have a threshold of +45 rep for the month.
-PHP and C# have thresholds of +30 rep for the month.
-Python is now set at +20 for the...
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Review of Softfluent's Codefluent Entities

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From Softfluent:

I recently had a chance to review Softfluent's "Codefluent Entities" (CFE) add-on for Visual Studios. Codefluent Entities is a code generator that really helps channel, and push, the upfront modeling and architecture we all do (or should be doing) when we dive into a project.

Over the years I have looked into...
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Updated Reputation Thresholds for Monthly Reputation Awards

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Due to a decrease in activity in the Java and Functional Programming forums, the thresholds for the monthly reputation awards has been reduced to +100 (Java) and +15 (Functional Programming). This decision was made after discussion with the Forum Leaders. Below are the thresholds for each forum:
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Ultrabook Convertible Application Design Considerations

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Dream.In.Code Redirects

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Yesterday, </> was subject to a series of attacks that caused all links on the site to reroute to other, potentially dangerous websites, and we also lost a day's worth of data (Posts, PMs, snippets, etc.). Our webmaster, skyhawk133...
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Announcing Our New Tutorials Section- Cloud Computing

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In anticipation of the 10th Birthday contest coming up in a couple weeks, we have added a new tutorials section for Cloud Computing. This section is for cloud computing techniques, as well as associated APIs like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, etc. We are very excited to have this new tutorials section, and we look forward to...
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Intel AppUp Developer Challenge

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I'm happy to announce that Intel's AppUp Developer Program will be sponsoring Dream.In.Code over the next couple months. They were passionate about reaching the talented developers at Dream.In.Code for their AppUp Developer Challenge. This is one of the few times our DIC++ members will ever see this type of sponsorship and we hope you find...
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Dream.In.Code Wiki

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About Dream.In.Code (DIC)...
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Microsoft MIX11 Live Coverage: April 12-14

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<img src="">

Welcome to the Dream.In.Code MIX 2011 Live Coverage page, provided by your admin and Microsoft Student Insider, Den Delimarsky (aka Core...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #14

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Today I talked to Caleb Jonasson (also known as calebj here on Dream.In.Code). He mostly talks about his hobby project - the Internet Audio Database. It's still in development, but it follows an interesting concept of presenting musical information in a centralized manner.

You can listen to today's episode here:

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