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A Word About the Reputation System and Our No-Homework Policy

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It has recently come to the team's attention that there has been some confusion as to the purpose of the reputation system, as well as the homework policy. We wanted to better clarify the purpose of both the upvotes and downvotes, as well as what types of responses would warrant each of these.

Helpful Responses and Upvotes...
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Podcast feed now public

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People have been asking me if it is possible to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes of the Dream.In.Code quite a few times lately. Not everyone has access to iTunes for various reason (mainly platform restrictions), so there is now a public podcast RSS feed that can be accessed from any modern web browser and/or feed reader.

The feed can be...
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A New Policy For "Gimme Teh Codez" Topics

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The team has been discussing how best to deal with the annoying, lazy, and overly prevalent "Gimme Teh Codez" topics that often clutter the help forums here at Dream.In.Code. After several weeks of discussion, we have instituted a new policy to deal with these types of topics.

From now on, forum leaders, mentors, moderators, admins,...
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Dream.In.Code Summer of API - Winners

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Today we are excited to announce the winners of the Dream.In.Code Summer of API contest. Although we didn't have that many entries, some of them were the result of hard work and are really useful in day-to-day Dream.In.Code usage.

And here they are:

1st place:
H3R3T1C - Dream.In.Code for Android...
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A Brief Briefing

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This blog post is specifically aimed at the mentor group, but everyone else should know about this as well, for future reference.

To the mentors - please think twice about just closing necro'd threads. There was a change made to closed threads a week or two ago. This change is that closed threads receive a noindex...
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Introducing DevTube

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Today we're excited to introduce the next Dream.In.Code content elements you might find quite interesting. It is called DevTube and it is a set of official developer video tutorials from Dream.In.Code.

So far, we have 2 episodes, but Core (that's me!) is working on some more. The videos are available here:
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Welcome to the team blog!

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Today we are excited to open this next page in the history of Dream.In.Code. We now have our very own team blog, maintained and operated by the Dream.In.Code team.

What's it going to be about? All kinds of different stuff. Most likely, we will announce news, promotions and important events through this blog, so stay tuned - we will be...
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