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Groovy StreamingMarkupBuilder Empty Tags

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I found something interesting today at work while playing with Groovy. By default, the StreamingMarkupBuilder builds empty tags like this:

<someTag />

but an external system that uses our API needs the tags to be expanded like this:

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Groovy Strings

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I'm back again to write about Strings in Groovy. If you are like me, then you use strings for all sorts of things. Groovy has some nice features that make it a pleasure.


In Groovy, you can declare strings with single or double quotes. Double quotes denote GStrings--strings that allow exp...
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Excluding Groovy Methods in AspectJ Advice

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Groovy is great for developers because of its simple scripting feel, but in order to compile to java bytecode, it adds lots of bloat at compile time to make the magic work. When mixing it with AspectJ's post-compile binary weaving, it will cause lots of unwanted methods to be caught by your AspectJ Advice. I wrote a pointcut to help eliminate...
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Collecting attributes from a Collection of Objects

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Groovy provides us with a slick way to iterate over objects in a collection to collet specific attributes. This is called the Spread operator ("*.")

For example:

class Person{     String name;     int age;}

Say we have a collection of people:

* * * * *

Totally Groovy

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Conclusiong to Internship

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First of all, I want to say that I'm back and I am going to keep up with D.I.C more than I have in the last year. I have followed peoples posts but remained pretty much incognito.

This summer I had the opportunity to go work for Verizon Wireless in Alpharetta, Ga. Talk about an amazing opportunity! I wanted to share a little bit about...

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