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Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Evolution, oh my!

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I've really been hooked on genetics and evolution lately and because of this I've found another article that I found very interesting and wanted to share with everyone. This one even includes source code that you can download and play around with. I haven't gotten a chance to crack this code open yet, but basically it's a Neural...
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Dream.Build.Play 2011

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With the annual Dream.Build.Play competition just on the horizon, my mind has been racing lately with tons of ideas for games that I'd really love to develop and submit. I've put off my other projects, other than the XNA Challenges that I have planned for DIC until I decide whether I want to flesh out some of these ideas that have been...
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XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0 cheat sheet!

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I came across this wonderful little cheat sheet today while I was browsing the web during my lunch break. It's a cheat sheet for making the transition from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0. I know most people have already made the jump, but I'm still the stubborn fool in the back sitting in the dark, comfortable with 3.1. I'm going to make the move...
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Wow, maybe I spend too much time online, maybe not. Either way, this is definitely the first post on my blog. So this is going to be a place where I post some interesting XNA stuff, including tutorials that I write, and possibly links to tutorials that others have written if I think they're worth a post on here. So for now, I don't have...

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