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XNA Three Week Challenge #1 Results!

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The results are finally in for the first XNA Three Week Challenge. Below is a link to the post in the XNA forum. I will not post anyone's projects on this site and will leave it up to the person who submitted each entry to determine whether they want to release their projects to anyone/everyone. Great job by those that participated, and I look...
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XNA 3 Week Challenge!

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Time is running out fast! I hope you're all really close to finishing. There's only 2 days left to submit! I will accept submissions all day Saturday the 5th until 11:59:59pm EST. For those who don't know the timezones, that's GMT - 5. Anything submitted after that point will not be eligible for judging for this challenge....
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XNA 3 Week Challenge

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So I finally got the time to write up a description of the first XNA 3 Week Challenge! Below is a link to the post in the XNA forum. I'm looking forward to everyone's submissions. Submissions are due by March 5th so start coding and lets see some games!

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XNA Challenge/Contest

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Just a quick post here about the upcoming XNA Challenges that I'm putting together. I will have an announcement this week about the first challenge with the description and requirements. The timeline on these challenges is going to be something similar to the following:

Week 1 - Announcement and Development - During this first week you should...

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