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Week 35 - Javascript: Generating and Drawing a Procedural Maze

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Week 35 was Javascript! I do a lot of web development so I already had a ton of Javascript examples, but decided to use this as an excuse to play with Canvas, the new HTML5 element that gives a set of primitive drawing functions you can manipulate using Javascript.

On top of that, I had wanted to try a few...
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Week 36 - Java3D simple examples

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The Week 36 example is Java3D, a 3D graphics library for Java. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for graphics, user interaction and sounds in a 3D environment .
Sun Java3D Site
Java3D comprehensive tutorials
D.I.C Week 36 Forum Thread

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Week 37 - XML

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XML itself is just a format for storing data. It is however, very flexible and relatively easy to parse due to it's structure so it is used almost everywhere for passing data over the internet.

One place it's used universally is in RSS feeds for displaying news and updates. Google has released a service called Google Buzz that combines a...
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An Intro to 52 Weeks of Code

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I have been gone from D.I.C for a long time, but always thought 52 Weeks of Code was a great idea. I am now dedicating a chunk of time in order to go through each of the already posted weeks and post code to prototype a new idea with that technology. I will be working my way back from the current #37 and see how many I can get done before mid...

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